Monday, 30 March 2015

Central Pulse team up well for 49-38 victory over Magic

Pulse gave supporters a welcome lift last night in their 49-38 victory over the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic.

Pulse have risen to the occasion before with Magic and it was a true team effort last night (Monday). The line-up was traditional rather than innovative but Katrina Grant and Te Huinga Reo Selby Rickit showed flair in defence along with wing defence Joline Henry who was brilliant in restricting ball to Magic goalers. Selby Rickit too not only picked up valuable ball but conveyed it with accuracy to centre court players.

Centre Elias Shadrock and wing attack Liana Leota were also impressively sharp and rapidly responsive in the mid court. Although both sides incurred many turnovers, Pulse's ability to get ball to the shooters Irene van Dyk and Jodi Brown enabled 60 shots to be taken at goal with a highly satisfactory 82% conversion rate.

Individuals fronted up impressively as a team, but it should be kept in mind that Magic is a relatively young team sorely missing their captain Casey Kopua in the defence line. However the Magic's Leana de Bruin was a very effective defender. Magic goal shooter Jo Harten stepped up urging her team on and centre court players Samantha Sinclair, Jamie-Lee Price and Grace Rasmussen were sharp on attack. However, the Pulse's defence all over court was extraordinarily effective, throttling passage to the Magic goal.

Magic did not hesitate to call in their bench players but the Pulse momentum allowed them to triumph by 11 goals.

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